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Irish Art is a showcase Gallery for all kinds of art by People with connections to Ireland.

At Irish Art You will be able to

  • View the works and images online of Irish artists from Ireland and around the world
  • Make connections through information to Irelands art history.
  • Read about Irelands Ancient Art
  • View images of Irish Masterpieces
  • Read the story of the 'priceless' Broighter Gold, and marvel at the story and image of the gold boat that appears on every page which was part of the Broighter Gold hoard and is one of Ireland's Art Treasures.
  • Make contact with other Irish connected Artists to discuss ideas about Art
  • Find links to Other Irish Art sites
  • Submit Your Art Image for view on line
  • Buy Irish Art

Since humans first set foot in Ireland they have been shaping the Landscape with their visions and images of how things could be.

Ireland and her people stand amongst the greatest cultures of humankind, the Art the Irish have produced is beyond the wildest imagination, through the Boyne Valley Ancient Buildings, built around 1,000 years before the Great Pyramids were even dreamt of, to the modern fantastic Mural Painters, who's work can be seen in the likes of West Belfast, Derry and on pub gable walls in Cork and Kerry.

The overall objective of this site is to raise awareness to this side of Irish culture that is often overlooked... read more soon

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